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Age:  10
Gender:  Male
Race:  Caucasian
Bain is a curious and affectionate young boy! He loves to explore his surroundings and interact with others. Bain is visually impaired, so he really enjoys exploring various objects with his hands to feel their textures and see what they do. He especially enjoys the feel and sound of paper and he’s often found carrying around toys. Bain needs constant supervision as he is a curious young boy and wants to explore the world around him. Bain is affectionate towards others. He can be guarded at first, but once he’s comfortable he loves interacting with both adults and peers. Tickling him is a guaranteed way to hear his precious laugh! Bain does best with a consistent routine, so a family that can offer consistency and a structured schedule would be ideal. Bain needs a nurturing family who can closely monitor his specialized medical and developmental needs and advocate for those needs on his behalf. He needs a patient family that is willing to make a lifetime commitment to him. Bain deserves a family that will appreciate and treasure his curiosity for life and resilient character. Only families living in Kansas will be considered for Bain at this time.
Page size:
2 to 2 of 24
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