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Age:  14
Gender:  Male
Race:  Hispanic
Isaiah is a very talkative and friendly young man. He is very proud that he has recently learned to ride a bike! He enjoys playing with electronics, video games and LEGOS. He works hard at getting his chores done around the house. Isaiah says that he would like to clean houses or be a very rich person when he grows up. Art and math are his favorite classes in school. He will need additional supports in school for both educational and behavioral needs. Isaiah will need a family that is aware of his specialized needs and advocate that those needs are being met. Due to his needs he can become upset and aggressive. Isaiah will need consistent monitoring and supervision. He needs a family that has a flexible schedule and a two parent home might be best for him. Isaiah needs to be the youngest or the only child in the home. Only famlies living in Kansas will be considered at this time.
Page size:
3 to 3 of 24
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