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Age:  14
Gender:  Male
Race:  African American
Mekhi and Malikhi would like to join a family that looks like them. A family that is active and gets out and does things together would be a great match for these brothers. Mekhi is a confident young man with great self-esteem. He love sports especially basketball and football. Mekhi struggles behaviorally in school and plans are being made to help him with these issues. Mekhi likes for things to be fair so he is having a hard time coming to terms with things that happened in his past. He needs guidance how to express his anger in positive ways and be respectful of others. Malikhi likes joking around and being silly. His hobbies include playing video games and with his Legos. Malikhi can make friends but has a hard time maintaining those friendships. He does better in one-on-one settings. Malikhi continues to work on expressing his feelings in appropriate manners. Mekhi and Malikhi would do best in a structured home with a strong male role model.
Page size:
4 to 4 of 24
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