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Age:  14
Gender:  Female
Race:  Caucasian
LaNita enjoys working puzzles and arts and crafts. She is an animal lover and would like to be a veterinarian someday. LaNita’s favorite class in school is math where she enjoys learning about fractions. LaNita is very determined, independent and set in her ways. She doesn’t like things to be quiet and can create chaos at times. LaNita continues to work on expressing her anger and emotions in positive ways. She can become frustrated when she feels that others are being favored over her. LaNita would like to have a room to herself and space to call her own. LaNita would love to be able to travel and take vacations. She would like to be able to help take care of any pets, especially horses. LaNita would like a family that will spend time with her and give her the attention and love that she deserves.
Page size:
8 to 8 of 42
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