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Age:  14
Gender:  Male
Race:  Caucasian
Gabriel “Gabe” loves books! He very much enjoys reading and talking about the things that he has learned about in his books. Gabe likes playing video games, sports and board games. Gabe states that he would like to play professional sports and somehow use his math skills when he gets older. He has also thought about maybe doing something with machines. Gabe says that his favorite class in school is math. He does well in school but may need guidance on what appropriate behaviors in school look like. Gabe has been working very hard on using his coping skills and how to constructively express his feelings. He has the ability to ask for permission to take a break and find a safe place to vent. He will need reminders to continue to utilize those skills. Gabe will need a home that is structured and able to maintain a very high level supervision. It would be best that Gabe be the only child in the home and not be around young or vulnerable children. Gabe would like a family that is very active and is willing to play games with him. Only Kansas families will be considered at this time.
Page size:
9 to 9 of 42
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