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Age:  10
Gender:  Male
Race:  Caucasian
Taven is a friendly child who likes to laugh a lot. He loves to go to different places and to keep himself busy, preferably doing activities where he can move around and play. Taven likes to take walks, jump on the trampoline and play outside with animals. In school it’s no secret PE is his favorite class, he also likes music class as well. Taven needs constant supervision as he does not fully understand danger. He needs a family that can provide him with a positive outlet for all his energy. Taven is making progress in regards to his communication skills. He would do well with a strong family that can advocate for his needs, including all basic care needs. A family that can commit to him and guide him throughout his life is what Taven deserves.
Page size:
1 to 1 of 24
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