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Age:  16
Gender:  Male
Race:  Caucasian
Brothers Westin and Wyatt are talented athletes. They both enjoy playing and watching sports. Westin is competitive and likes interacting with his peers through sporting events. He is a likable young man with a lot of potential to grow up as a strong and independent man. Westin is very easy to talk with and is well liked by peers and adults. His favorite classes in school are history and math. He would like to become an engineer when he grows up. When angry, Westin needs time to relax and calm down before he can discuss his behaviors. Wyatt loves playing on his football team. He would do well in a home that will allow him to explore different activities that he may be interested in. Wyatt is a considerate young man who cares very much for others around him. He is said to have a “heart of gold”. Wyatt does well in school and likes his English class the best. He is well liked by school staff. Wyatt is sensitive to what is fair and following the rules. When he gets frustrated he will need time to calm down before his behaviors can be processed. Westin and Wyatt would like an active family that likes spending time together doing new things. They need a family that is patient, consistent and understanding. Only families living in Kansas will be considered.
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