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Age:  14
Gender:  Female
Race:  African American

Sisters Tie-Nieka, Aphesian and Ani Elizabeth “Ani” would like to join the same family. The girls would benefit greatly from a positive female role model in the home. Tie-Nieka is very friendly and likable. Her hobbies include going swimming and doing art projects. She would like to someday be involved in technology where she can utilize her artistic skills. Tie-Nieka will require a lot of supervision and intervention to ensure her safety. She functions at a lower level that that of her peers. Aphesian is a very likeable and dependable. She is a great cook and keeps things picked up around the house. Aphesian likes to swim, dance and sing. Her favorite class in school is social studies. She works hard to keep her grades up and is proud that she has made the honor role. She would like to one day become a judge. Aphesian will need reminders to complete chores and stay on task. Ani loves a good joke and making others laugh. She likes going swimming, reading and learning about animals. When she gets older she would like to write about animals. Ani will need to be supervised and redirected if her behaviors become inappropriate. She will need encouragement to be honest at all times and express her feeling in constructive ways. Tie-Nika, Aphesian and Ani need a home that will allow them to feel comfortable and safe. Only famlies in Kansas will be considered at this time.

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