There are hundreds of Kansas children waiting to be discovered, loved and adopted by you.  Saint Francis Community Services, Inc. (SFCS) is directly involved with care and support for Kansas children whose parental rights have been terminated or relinquished through the court system.

We invite you to become the stable loving "forever family" these children need after the loss of their biological parents.  You can help these young fragile hearts heal and grow as productive members of the community by providing guidance, love, and a nurturing family environment.

SFCS is dedicated to the success of families and specializes in helping families with preparation, training, and counseling throughout the adoption process.

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Meet Our Children Waiting For Adoption

Below is our listing of children waiting to be adopted. Become a special part of a child’s life by becoming their forever family!

  • Nicole
    Age: 9
  • Gloria
    Age: 16
  • Dorothy
    Age: 7
  • Patrick
    Age: 14
  • Romi
    Age: 14
  • Erik
    Age: 15
  • Jesse
    Age: 14
  • Garrett
    Age: 13
  • Jakob
    Age: 10
  • October "Toby"
    Age: 10
  • Dezi
    Age: 14
  • Ricky
    Age: 6
  • Ryan
    Age: 8
  • Brian
    Age: 17
  • James
    Age: 15
  • Earnest "Darnell"
    Age: 15
  • Daniel
    Age: 14
  • Xander
    Age: 12
  • Pilar
    Age: 7
  • Destiny
    Age: 13
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Call Today!

For further information, please view our Adoption Brochure. If you have a question about the process or wish to inquire about adopting a child, please call 1.866.999.1599 and talk with one of our caring adoption specialists.

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