Saint Francis Community Services Benefit Overview (rates effective 04/01/2014)


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
  • Option 1: $2,000 Single / $4,000 Family Deductible
    • Prescription Drugs: $15 Generic, $30 Name Brand, $45 Formulary
    • Office Visit Co-Pay is $25 per visit
  • Option 2: High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) $3,000 Single / $6,000 Family Deductible
    • After deductible, Prescription Drugs: $15 Generic, $50 Name Brand, $75 Formulary
    • Office Visit Co-Pay:  Deductible, then covered at 100%
Payroll Deductions - 24 times per year
Employee Only Employee/Children Employee/Spouse Family
Option 1 $34.00 $152.00 $170.00 $255.00
Option 2 $9.00 $89.50 $107.50 $192.50


  • Delta Dental of Kansas
  • Preventive Services covered 100%
  • Basic Services covered at 80%
  • Major Services covered at 50%
  • Annual deductible $50 per person ($150 per Family), only if Basic or Major Services are needed
Payroll Deductions - 24 times per year
Employee Only Employee/Children Employee/Spouse Family
$2.75 $10.75 $10.50 $25.00


  • Choice between three providers
  • Basic: Go Anywhere Plan; no associated network
  • Sharper Vision (VSP)
  • TrueView Vision (EyeMed)
Payroll Deductions - 24 times per year
Employee Only Employee/Children Employee/Spouse Family
Basic $3.14 $5.48 $6.76 $9.10
Sharper Vision $4.06 $7.06 $8.74 $11.74
TrueVision $3.26 $5.66 $7.04 $9.44

Flexible Spending Plans (unreimbursed Medical and Dependent Childcare)

  • This benefit allows you to pay for your out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Child on Foster Parents shoulders

Life Insurance

  • Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage is provided and paid for by SFCS. This policy is 1 1/2 times your annual salary up to a maximum of $250,000.

Voluntary Life Insurance

  • Optional Life Insurance coverage can be purchased for employee, spouse, and children.

Short-Term Disability Coverage

  • Short-Term Disability coverage is provided and paid for by SFCS for a regular full-time employee. Eligibility is 12 months of continuous service. Benefits levels are based on status, according to plan details.

Voluntary Long-Term Disability Coverage

  • SFCS offers Long-Term Disability Coverage on a voluntary basis through Reliance Standard Life Insurance. This policy provides benefits in the event that you are off work for 180 days.

Retirement Plan

  • SFCS sponsors a 401(k) defined contribution plan under an Enhanced Safe Harbor provision. Employees are eligible to participate following one year of employment with 1000 hours of service, and attainment of age 21. Eligible employees may enter the program the first day of each quarter, by completing and submitting the required on-line enrollment. The Plan utilizes a Safe Harbor Match that is 100% vested, an Enhanced Match and Employer contribution that utilizes a 6-year vesting schedule. Employer Match and Contribution to a maximum 10% of gross wage. Employees can choose to make pre-taxed deferrals or Roth 401(k) contributions.


  • Saint Francis Community Services observes 10 1/2 paid holidays per year for full–time employees.

Paid Leave

  • The purpose of our paid leave program is to provide income protection to employees. Full-time employees that have completed six months of employment are eligible for these paid leaves: Bereavement, Jury Duty, Conference or seminar (continuing education) leave, along with sick leave, stated below.

Sick Leave

  • An employee earns approximately 4 hours of sick leave each month. Employees are eligible to utilize sick leave after completing 6 months of continuous employment.

Vacation Leave

  • SFCS has established a vacation / annual leave policy to provide you an opportunity to have paid time away from your job responsibilities. Employees are eligible to utilize this benefit after six months of continuous employment, with stipulation.
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Unpaid Leave

  • SFCS also has unpaid leaves with the appropriate documentations. They include: Personal Leave, FMLA Leave, Medical / Disability Leave and Military Leave.

Questions about benefits may be directed to Malynda Jarrett, HR Benefits Administrator, at 620-669-3734 extension 165 or by email


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