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Being A Foster Parent

The role of a foster parent is critical to making a difference in the life of a child. Foster parents bring hope and safety to children from all walks of life. Saint Francis Community Services cares for children in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

What can I expect as a foster parent

Most people tell us that it's a great experience - more rewarding than they ever expected. Click on the image below to read our latest foster parent feature.

I Don't Think I Am Foster Parent Material

Just as the kids who come to Saint Francis are from every type of community, so do our foster parents. You could be better foster parent material than you think!
  • Active church members who feel a sense of mission in serving children
  • Community minded people who want to help kids stay in their own town or city
  • Adults, now empty-nesters, looking to have children in the home
  • People who will help a relative or provide brief respite care for other foster parents
  • People from all professions and stages of life, who share a common bond in helping children.

What Does It Take To Be A Foster Parent

Just be willing to open your heart and your home to help provide a sense of love and safety that will help kids get through the life experiences that brought them into foster care. To learn more, click here to view our provider manual. Each state has requirements that will lead to as a foster home. To find out about your state click below:

Kansas Foster Care Nebraska Foster Care Oklahoma Therapeutic Foster Care

Children's Alliance has developed an informational resource for families interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents. The "Road to Fostering and Adopting" is intended to give families a place to learn more about hte process of becoming a foster or adoptive parent and to stay connected to the process whilte they wait for a TIPS-MAPP class to start.

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