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Thank you very much for your desire to be a part of Saint Francis Community Services' Fostering in Faith program. Our President, The Very Reverend Edward Fellhauer (Fr. Ed), continually reminds us that the most powerful act we can perform on behalf of the children and families we serve is to hold them in our prayers. In our own families, we pray for our children each day, but we often sadly realize that the children we serve may have no one to pray for them but us. Fostering in Faith has arisen out of that realization. We know that each church family in any location, whether large or small, will have within its fellowship a group of people to whom God has given a spirit for intercessory prayer.

Children's Art
Artwork by Children of SFCS
Our Saint Francis children need those prayers. We have had no doubt that we have only to ask, as Jesus told us, and we will receive (Matthew 7:7). We asked the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us in providing caring people to join with us in praying for the children we serve, and you have stepped up as answers to those prayers.

Every three months, we will send your church the photo and brief biography of a child, who needs faithful, caring people who will pray for him or her with the request that it be placed in your bulletin. We are convinced that your prayers will be an essential transforming force in the lives of these beloved of Christ, and we most sincerely thank you.

Apply Online for your church to receive the SFCS Fostering in Faith bulletin. Make a difference in children's lives today!