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We believe in the power of prayer to change lives

About Fostering In Faith


As Christians, we know the power of prayer, and as people who care about the well-being of children, we know that one of the most important and caring things we can do for the children in our lives is to pray for them. Pray for a child and help transform lives.

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About Fostering In Faith

Thank you for your interest in Saint Francis Community Services' Fostering in Faith program. We hope you’ll consider joining us in praying for children in need of "forever families."

As people of faith, we believe that the most powerful act we can perform on behalf of children in need is to hold them in our prayers. In our own families, we pray for our children all the time, but sadly, many children have no family and no one to pray for them.

Fostering in Faith arose from that realization.

We know that most congregations and religious organizations have within their fellowship groups of people to whom God has given a spirit for intercessory prayer.


Fostering in Faith ensures that children desperate for “forever families” are remembered and held in prayer by our faith communities.

Each month, we’ll send your congregation a photo and brief biography of a child who needs faithful, caring people to pray for him or her. The biography includes a prayer, composed specifically for that child to help guide you in prayer. We ask that you simply include it in your Sunday bulletin or distribute to the members of your congregation.

We are convinced that your prayers can transform the lives of these beloved children of God and the lives of the families who adopt them.

Change a child’s life today!


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