SFCS is a children and family social services provider. We have been strengthening families throughout the state of Kansas since 1945. Our faith-based organization is committed to spiritual healing and family unity. SFCS has developed deeply rooted community partners that help us to help you! Our services focus on:

Foster Parent and Child

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What It Means To Be A Foster Parent

Kansas children come to foster care from all walks of life and from every community. Often, they come frightened, confused, angry, neglected or abused, and lacking trust in their family setting. That’s how they come…it’s not how they stay. Foster parents help children heal, trust, and hope.

Foster Parents

Foster parents are quality, caring adults who provide foster care to children and teens in need. They don’t have to be wealthy, live in a big house or be married. What is essential is that they have room in their homes and hearts for children in need of a safe place to heal.

Foster Care Homes

The Preparation

Prospective foster parents complete a free training called Permanency & Safety-Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (PS-MAPP). Classes meet once a week, for ten weeks and are offered on a regular basis throughout Kansas. Potential foster parents then make informed decisions about fostering, including what type of child they will foster.

The Children

Like foster parents, foster children vary. They range in ages from birth to 18, and in some cases 21. Most enter foster care due to abuse or neglect, while others exhibit behavior disorders. Currently there are many teens and children with special behavioral, education or medical needs in need of foster families.

Foster Care Homes

The Support

Saint Francis provides ongoing support and guidance for its foster families. Monthly support meetings cover a wide variety of topics, and foster care workers provide one-on-one support, including a 24-hour crisis service. Community services are also utilized.

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