Oklahoma Foster Parent Training Classes Begin Soon! Posted Date:  12/19/14
What can bring hope to a child
who's been abandoned or abused?
Who can bring stability and
make a lasting difference in the life of a
young boy or girl?

The answer is a parent.

The 9-session class,
Guiding Principles for #Oklahoma Bridge Resource Families
begins soon.
Call 918.488.0163 and register for classes

You'll learn to:
•Protect and nurture the children who have been abused, emotionally maltreated, or neglected.
•To promote healthy development.
•Understand the importance of promoting safety for children who have experienced trauma.
•Support relationships between children and their parents, siblings, and kin.
•Connect children to safe, nurturing relationships and collaborating with OKDHS as a team member.

Upcoming class times:
Thursday, January 8, Session 1
6:00P – 9:00P
Saturday, January 10, Sessions 2-4
9:00A – 5:00P
Thursday, January 15, Session 5
6:00P – 9:00P
Saturday, January 17, Sessions 6-8
9:00A – 5:00P
Thursday, January 22, Session 9
6:00P – 9:00P

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