Outpatient Mental Health Services

Goal of Outpatient Services

Our goal is to assure that children and families involved with the Saint Francis Reintegration Program in Kansas receive the level of mental health service that promotes emotional health and functional competence.

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Outpatient Services provides a continuum of mental health services and is available to children, youths, and families across the West Region of the child welfare service area in Kansas (see map). Outpatient Health The purpose of this program is to address the emotional and behavioral health needs of children and their families.  Most of the services are available at any stage of the foster care, reintegration, and adoption process. The services included are: mental health medication management; psychological and other mental health testing/evaluation; intensive, in-home family therapy; specialized, child-focused therapies; and alcohol and drug counseling. Saint Francis Case Management teams refer children and families based on need.

Locations Service area centralized through Hutchinson Office
Service Area West Region in Kansas consisting of 65 western Kansas counties.
Contact 620.669.3734

Regional Map
Kansas Regional Service Map

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