Biographical Summaries of Presidents

Timeline 1960-1980
Dr. Craig

Dr. William E. Craig was the second President of Saint Francis from 1960 – 1980.

Dr. Craig was ordained to the ministry of the Episcopal Church in 1941, and served in the Los Angeles area. In 1947 he moved to Nebraska, serving as a member of the National Council of the Episcopal Church until 1956. Before coming to Saint Francis, Dr. Craig was rector of St. John’s Church, Oklahoma City, and dean of Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans. Having served under Fr. Bob Mize as the Assistant Director of Saint Francis, Dr. Craig was appointed Director (President) in 1960, at the time when Fr. Bob Mize left for South West Africa.

When the first record book was handed over to Dr. Craig in 1960, a total of 400 admissions had been entered in it.

In 1962, Dr. Craig expressed concern of how Saint Francis could serve more children with only two facilities. His desire was to expand services. In 1963, a new Assistant Director, The Rev. N. Kenneth Yates, was hired to expand services and to bring new stability to the present Saint Francis.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Saint Francis expanded services to serve more youths, including adolescent girls.