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Starfish Society Logo

Welcome to the online version of the Starfish Society, a recognition of our donors and long-time supporters! The online version of the Starfish Society is an economical way to save on printing cost while practicing good stewardship. Your Starfish Society status will be updated quarterly, so check back often.

All donors to Saint Francis Community Services become members of the Starfish Society. You might wonder what starfish have to do with children and families in crisis. The inspiration for the Society is “The Starfish Flinger.” The short story epitomizes what we do at Saint Francis.

Starfish Flinger

Starfish members help young people live responsible and productive lives. Starfish donations fund a wide continuum of services for those who are unable to finance their treatment.

Donor names are listed under Star categories based on the giver’s cumulative, lifetime giving amount. If you need help in locating your Star category, or to report errors and omissions, please phone 1.800.898.4896, ext. 352.