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Foster parenting services Saint Francis offers in Texas.


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Learn how you can change the life of a child in a positive, lasting way - while enriching your own life in the process.

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Saint Francis has an exclusive online community for foster families. Receive updated information, find support, and complete trainings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our frequently asked questions for additional information.

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For children in out-of-home placement, living with a foster family can provide them with the positive family experience they need, which in itself is therapeutic. Saint Francis provides recruitment, training, certification, and supervision of foster homes in 29 Texas counties, including Taylor (Abilene) and Wichita (Wichita Falls), and counties in the north and west central regions of Texas.

Foster parenting can be challenging, but immensely rewarding. As a Saint Francis foster parent, you can count on comprehensive training and our ongoing professional support.


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Supportive Staff

Supportive Staff

As a foster parent, you play a vital role in the life of a child or teen, but you won’t have to do it alone. Saint Francis will have your back every step of the way. We have local offices throughout our service area, so you can count on a dedicated, professional team on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Foster parents also receive:

  • Professional training
  • Respite/relief care
  • Monthly support meetings
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • 24/7 crisis services
  • Tax-free compensation
  • Knowledgeable and empathetic caseworkers to help with day-to-day issues
  • Additional supports that vary by state


Since our founding, Saint Francis has been an Episcopal ministry dedicated to serving children and families. As such, we place great confidence in both the mercy of God and the power of prayer. Our recognition and honor of the presence of God within each person distinguishes Saint Francis Community Services from most child welfare agencies. One important component of our ministry, Therapy in Christ, is part of our holistic approach to healing the spirit, mind, and body.

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Therapy In Christ

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SFCS Families is an online community for our foster families. It’s a place to find responsive support, up-to-date information, easily accessible tools and training, professional resources, and stories about other Saint Francis foster families.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Here are answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

What do foster parents actually do?

Foster families provide a healthy family environment where a child can find guidance, understanding, and encouragement to help them feel supported and loved. They also provide day-to-day care and support the child’s reintegration or reunification plan by helping the child connect with his/her family through visitation, phone calls, and letters. Foster families act as mentors to both the child and the birth family by modeling parenting skills, rules and structure, and appropriate social interactions.

Foster families often make lifelong connections with the child/youth and their birth family, continuing to serve as valuable resources for support and encouragement.

Why does a child come into foster care?

There are times when a family is weakened due to stressors such as poverty, poor housing, substance abuse, domestic violence, mental illness, or other issues. Children enter care when these stressors interfere with their parents’ ability to care for them properly. When the stressors are reduced, and the parents can adequately care for their children, the children may return home.

Who are the children needing care?

Children and youth in foster care come from all walks of life. They range in age from newborn to 18 years (in some instances, 21 years). Some have behavioral or medical issues requiring specialized care.

Where is the greatest need?

We need quality foster parents in every community. We especially need foster parents willing to help sibling groups, older youth, and those with more acute needs (medical, behavioral, developmental).

How long do children stay with a foster parent?

Each case is different, but most children are in foster care for at least six months. Out-of-home placement is always supposed to be temporary – until the child/youth can return to the birth home, qualify for independent living, or be placed in guardianship or with an adoptive family.

What type of initial training is required?

Saint Francis provides a free pre-service training course called PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education). This training includes lessons in child behavior, creating solutions, and self-discovery. It’s also an opportunity to learn alongside other prospective foster parents.

Saint Francis offers regularly scheduled classes in locations throughout our service area.


Since our founding in 1945, Saint Francis has advocated for the health and safety of children and families through community-based means. As a result, our advocacy efforts are aimed at creating lasting societal change that deals with issues that threaten children, such as poverty and human trafficking. We’re not alone in our efforts, and Saint Francis supports and works closely with other organizations toward the same purpose.

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